Others altered meanings away from Allah’s functions without in reality modifying the words

Others altered meanings away from Allah’s functions without in reality modifying the words


The fresh Jahmiy (enthusiast of deviations off Al-Jahm ibn Safwan) negates Allah’s statement on the himself which he sat on throne adding an extra page to the keyword regarding Qur’an.

The fresh new innovators which altered the situation from a good noun regarding the Qur’an in an effort to negate Allah’s characteristic off address:

For example people who mentioned that Allah’s frustration (u>Ghadhab) setting His intention in order to punish, His compassion (u>Rahma) function their intent to possess mercy, Their hand (u>Yad) are Their kindness or Their stamina, etc.

Negation (At-Ta’teel):

The definition of your own keyword is to get off, neglect or even be completed with one thing, and one thing to be bare and you will low-practical. The fresh technology meaning this is actually the negation or denial of any otherwise every one of Allah’s Qualities. Negation of Allah’s features is divided into three groups:

Negation of your Exalted Perfection from Allah Most Highest via the negation out of His Names and you may Glorious Attributes eg was done by Jahmiya and also the Mu’tazila.

Negation using negation off compatible correspondence which have Allah and neglect off worship out of Him and behavior so you’re able to Your, and/or organization out-of other people that have Your during the acts regarding worship and/or behavior.

Negation of your own relationship of creation to help you the Copywriter, such as the negation of your philosophers which stated this particular bodily universe has no beginning, and that it keeps always and can constantly functions based on a unique internal statutes. They turn Allah for the a substance with no qualities – that’s a keen impossibility!

Speculation And you can Analogy (At-Takyeef Wa On-Tamtheel):

At-Takyeef means tries to ascribe reveal comprehension of the particular nature of the numerous features with which Allah has actually discussed Themselves. Read More