The real truth about DDP & Kimberly Webpage’s ‘Discover Relationship’

The real truth about DDP & Kimberly Webpage’s ‘Discover Relationship’

Through the a current bout of 83 Months, Eric Bischoff talked about the latest rumors regarding the DDP and you will Kimberly Page’s relationship are a keen “open you to definitely

There are numerous stories regarding expert grappling community. Vice faithful a whole show reflecting one of those stories having Ebony Area of the Ring.

DDP and you may Kimberly Page’s relationship has long been a way to obtain fascinate

“We affect discover exactly who become the fresh rumor, and you may I am not attending mention which individual’s name as it cannot really matter more. But, one individual made a decision to pass on the latest rumor there is actually some types of an open matchmaking anywhere between me personally and you will Mrs. B and you will Diamond Dallas Web page and you will Kimberly. Little, incidentally, was after that throughout the facts.”

“From inside the real world, for the 1996 or 1997, let us simply set aside the point that I might have not participated in one to own a whole lot of grounds, however, those types of lot out of explanations was the point that that Kimberly and i also didn’t get on anyway. There had been several event socially easily try more from the Page’s domestic and we was indeed which have drinks and you can Kimberly taken place to get indeed there, it would score very uncomfortable that i would need to log off. Read More