The brand new account ranks next is actually Fer_homosexual, a reporter and server to own Tv Azteca

The brand new account ranks next is actually Fer_homosexual, a reporter and server to own Tv Azteca

The results mean little difference in ranking along the about three evidence, demonstrating he’s interconnected. Circle thickness, centrality and cohesiveness were as well as tested.

New membership to your prominent level of supporters are tvtelehit (Telehit), a tv station that broadcasts music, focusing on Latin american audiences. The 3rd that try Nancy_info7, together with a journalist to possess Television Azteca. elmundoalreves7, a course broadcasted in the Telehit centering on younger viewers, rated next. 15a20, a magazine linked to Televisa (believed one Mexican societal enjoyment conglomerate) emphasizing lady young ones, ranked 5th.

Regarding states, Fer_gay and you will KoreaMx rated high. KoreaMx addressed a myspace and you can a myspace membership connected with Korean people as a whole and Kpop particularly. They were followed closely by the fresh_center, a person active in the process of delivering internationally designers so you’re able to the world who’d ongoing communications having Fer_gay.

One or two nodes presented the greatest system position: KoreaMx and you will fer_gay

For betwenness position, kpopmexico, an excellent fandom administrated myspace membership and webpage, rated 5th. With respect to eigenvector position, yut_29 and you will abraham_tanaka, each other private account, rated throughout the third and you can 5th set.

During the share, taking up membership new said six symptoms, there’s good preponderance of your own Tv Azteca conglomerate relevant membership. Fandom related mass media is in next put, and simply one to membership (15a20) is related to Televisa. Next dining table reveals almost every other standard system metrics:

Approximately 50% of all the Tweets put using retweets and you will messages was generally retweets of one’s fer_homosexual account

Brand new community research technique is designed to choose the structure out of a network composed of users eg people and you can firms (we.elizabeth., the individuals occupying secret positions about community) and/or attributes from subgroups shaped regarding the system. Read More