Seoul: 8/10 (and an initial research out-of Korean lady)

Seoul: 8/10 (and an initial research out-of Korean lady)

Women: 9/ten

  • Charm Score: 9/ten
  • Top-notch Females: 9/10
  • Easy Linking: 4/ten
  • Relationships possible: 7/ten (most significant challenge: language traps)

Korean women capture huge proper care of on their own

Particular can even say way too much. Brand new make-up industry is huge, into the well-known system out of “10 procedures make-up”, composed of several levels of products. And you may plastic surgery is additionally huge.

Regarding cosmetics, whiteness appears to be very valued, therefore the basis is commonly white. And plastic surgery targets sight, noses, and you will “thinning of the chin”, as the ladies desire faces you to definitely end up some pointy.

But not, Korean women are really far into female edge of the latest range not in the make-up and you may functions. Read More