An independent Georgian army specialist, Koba Liklikadze, said brand new You

An independent Georgian army specialist, Koba Liklikadze, said brand new You

Kutelia said Georgian soldiers that has given it this new Us americans and you can almost every other international forces – approximately half of your army – did ideal on the battle than others who don’t.

You to definitely Georgian administrator which returned from the front side told you the fresh new military succumbed to not ever that-on-you to combat but so you’re able to daunting Russian sky fuel . The fresh new officer, whom appeared shaken as to what he noticed, presented images out-of Georgian armed forces jeeps destroyed on the sky, this new authorities of their occupants lying swollen on the road.

Barta, this new Armed forces head, said of one’s team he had been training: ” I know particularly one to Bravo Company, I’m sure, and i promise from what Used to do in their mind, they are better off than simply they would was in the event it took place four weeks before .”

S. knowledge was not a deciding foundation , attributing new army’s loss so you’re able to bad choices from the bodies. Georgia stated a great quit-flame too quickly, he told you, and this demoralized the newest troops just before many got a spin to battle.

The new outgoing defense secretary was too concerned about converting the fresh new armed forces, and didn’t policy for reaching governmental wants in Iraq

” It was not an entirely ericans or not ,” he said. ” What happened are as a result of the governmental choice regarding Georgian bodies, rather than brand new overall performance on the ground .”

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